Trialogue - Featuring Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney, & Will Clipman

CD Release of Trialogue coming April 15th!  You can preorder your own copy of the CD from Amazon, or  digital download via Bandcamp !

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'Transformation' CD with Darin Mahoney & Sherry Finzer - Powerful ambient sounds of acoustic guitar and flute

The release of the CD titled 'Transformation' is here!  This collaboration between Darin Mahoney & Sherry Finzer is nothing short of magnificent!  The powerful mix of instrumentals of acoustic guitar and flute make a perfect blend for ultimate relaxation.

 Also available on iTunes, CD Baby, & Amazon. 

Available CD's

'In the Grain' CD by Darin Mahoney - Relaxing ambient guitar instrumentals

Looking to unwind after a stressful day?  A perfect CD for relaxation and putting your mind at ease.  Perfect for meditation, reflection, or listening to the smooth guitar tones as you slumber off to sleep.  Makes a great gift too! 

  Also available on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby. 

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'Amazing Grace' MP3 download with Darin Mahoney & Sherry Finzer - The popular hymn Amazing Grace put to guitar & flute makes this an inspiring all time favorite.

The beloved hymn 'Amazing Grace', beautiful interpretation by Sherry Finzer & Darin Mahoney.  This single is available for download. 

Available at Amazon, iTunes, & CDBaby 

Check out the newest release, Trialogue

  Check out the newest award nominated album Trialogue- featuring Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney, and Will Clipman!  CD's available from Amazon or digital download available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and CD Baby.





The CD titled Transformation is a fusion of powerful ambient instrumentals with Flutist, Sherry Finzer, and Guitarist, Darin Mahoney.  Jane Hilton, lends exquisite Viola melodies on 'Jane's Song'.   



What does the 'Door' stand for?  Be sure to check out 'The Door' for the answer! 



Darin's first CD titled In The Grain is available on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby













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