'Transformation' CD with Darin Mahoney & Sherry Finzer - Powerful ambient sounds of acoustic guitar and flute

The release of the CD titled 'Transformation' is here!  This collaboration between Darin Mahoney & Sherry Finzer is nothing short of magnificent!  The powerful mix of instrumentals of acoustic guitar and flute make a perfect blend; reminding you of that feeling of drinking hot chocolate after coming in out of the blizzard!  Warm, fuzzy, and time to let the day worries no longer be a thought!

Available on iTunes, CD Baby, & Reverbnation, & Amazon. 



'In the Grain' CD by Darin Mahoney - Relaxing ambient guitar instrumentals

Looking to unwind after a stressful day?  A perfect CD for relaxation and putting your mind at ease.  Perfect for meditation, reflection, or listening to the smooth guitar tones as you slumber off to sleep......Makes a great gift too!   Available on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby.